Saturday, February 15, 2014

Less than 3 months till the partners visit us! See the Greek Preparation

We have to keep the tradition of the "Greek Hospitality": When the Greeks wait for visitors they have to prepare everything in perfection and do their best to welcome and host them!

We are waiting eagerly for our partners' visit in Larissa! It's been a long time since the Greek teachers and students have been discussing about it, how to organize our activities, what places to visit with our friends, how to involve them in Greek culture, to taste Greek food etc. There are meetings with parents and teachers at school very often, where we are discussing the preparations for our guests. It is an absolutely enjoyable period for us!

Last week we sent an email to invite our partners to our city and give them some information on the visit.

This week, we sent the Programme and we started the dialogue about the "Comenvision" event.

But, there are many things which have to be done...

During the Holy Week of the Orthodox Easter Holidays students along with volunteer parents and teachers cleaned, painted and decorated the school in order to be able to receive our visitors. 

You can see some photos and videos with the Greek preparations below:

Meeting in Greece: "The Program" 

Creating the Welcome-poster

Painting, cleaning, decorating the school

No to violence 

 At the end, everything was ready on time...

... so there was time for an 'Opa' moment... (actually just a chassapiko rehearsal), preparing the Greek presentation for the "Comenvision" event

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