Friday, September 18, 2015

Highlights of the visit to Greece

Greek Traditions and festivals

During the Comenius week in Larissa the teachers and the students enjoyed the Greek hospitality.
The first day at school the Greek teachers helped the students learn how to dance Greek traditional dances.
At the Water Company the greek students danced traditional dances with the participation of all the students and teachers. They also tasted Greek traditional food which was made by the good will of the Greek families. They also experienced Greek music and dance at a Greek tavern.
Next day they visited st. Nicolas church and the monasteries at Meteora and they got in touch with our religions tradition and whorship.
A team of Greek students presented an ancient greek comedy (by Aristofnis) in one of the two ancient theatres of our city. So everybody experienced a performance they had never seen before.
The whole week gave them the chance to see things totally different for their culture but also interesting that will help them have a memorable time during their visit here.

Photo album

Greek Ancient Comedy Performance

METEORA: An UNESCO Intenational Cultural Monument


The music performance (Comenvision) was held in the Amphitheatre of the Municipal Water Company in Larissa. Water Company officials, teachers and students from all participant countries, all the students and teachers of the 11th Gymnasium and many parents participated in the event.

Each country presented its own song:

Finland -> Cup song
Poland -> Valerie
Spain -> Happy
Romania -> Insieme
Turkey -> Domino

The whole presentation was very successful and everybody enjoyed and apllauded the students' presentation.

At the end of the music performances each country was given a cup to remember being part of the Comenvision in Greece.

Photo album

School function dedicated to two year completion of the Project

    On 12 of May 2015 in the Conference Hall of 11th Gymnasium of Larissa took place a presentation dedicated to the succesful completion of the two year Project.
    The presentation was announced by the school Principal Mr. Ioannis Tzikas, the Comenius coordinator Mrs. Fivi Baloti and the participating students of the school Elissa Tzedikou, Chryssa Koumboura, Jenny Lata, Zenia Kanellou, Fillio Kalla, Marianna Mavidou, Konstantina Gournelou.
    The function has been attended by the head of EKFE (Local Lab Center of Physics Sciences) of  the Prefecture of Larissa, Mr. Dimitrios Nakos and also the member of ELME (Local Union of secondary school teachers) of  the Prefecture of Larissa, Mr. Dimitrios Papadopoulos. 
    Numerous parents, and all of the teachers and students of 11th High school attended as well.


Photo-album of the presentation

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Meetings with the parents

During the 2 years of the project, we have cooperated perfectly with the parents of the students.

The Cooperation between the paedagogic team of the Comenius and parents of the students was impeccable throughout the Program. Parents were actively involved in the activities of the program and offered their help without complaint as many times asked as they were asked to.

Active participation and cooperation in all activities of the Program

Prefecture of Larissa

The Prefecture of Larissa hides many natural beauties. But only  few people know them, because the Prefecture's economy is not based on tourism. However, the prefecture has wonderful beaches all bordering the Aegean Sea, the beautiful mountains Olympus, Kissavos (Ossa), Maurovouni and plenty of archaeological and Byzantine monuments.

Prefecture tour


All the beaches of Larissa Prefecture are  from half to an hour far, from the city of Larissa. They are located on the Aegean Sea. The combination of fine sand and pebbles with a really blue clean sea, is very picturesque.


It is a character that that will be put  by students into cartoon form/ comic. Comenix will start the intercultural dialogue and have various 'international adventures'. Also, each country will have its own Comenix.
Let's meet our Comenixes...

The Finnish Comenix

Friday, September 11, 2015


The 11th High School of Larissa made sure the Comenius Project would receive a wide publicity. From the beginning to the end of the program a series of announcements was posted in the local newspapers and media. During the hosting of the European teams in Larissa, there was a visit to the City Hall where the Mayor welcomed the guests and also to DEYAL (Municipal Water Company) where the Chairman welcomed our guests too. The Greek project coordinator was interviewed by a local TV station as well

Exhibition of students' work

In the area of the 11th High School of Larissa, there is  the “Comenius Hall” which houses the exhibition of all the activities carried out during the Comenius program, souvenirs from our trips and gifts from our friends and partners in the Project

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Human Rights

A question about "Human Rights" has been posted in TwinSpace. The opinion of some Greek students appears below:

3rd question is about "Human Rights"

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Evaluation Ubeda – students

The students evaluated their visit to Spain using a questionnaire. After visiting Ubeda, the Polish team counted the students answers to the questionnaire. The results are below:

Evaluation Plovdiv – students

The students evaluated their visit to Bulgaria using a questionnaire. After visiting Plovdiv, the Polish team counted the students answers to the questionnaire. The results are below:

Monday, May 4, 2015

We miss you...

It's been exactly one year since you came to Larissa, Greece. Thank you all for the unforgettable days! We had the time of our lives! We miss you and we're looking forward to welcome you again as soon as possible.

Jenny, Giannis, Elisa, Filio-Mary, Marianna, Rafaila, Chryssa, Lambros, Zenia, Konstandina, Christina, Kostas, Fivi, Athanasia, Georgia, Vaso, Kyriakos, Ioannis

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

6th visit to Úbeda, Spain


The 6th meeting took place in Ubeda, Spain. Nine Greek students and two teachers visited their friends from the school "IES Francisco de los Cobos" and participated in all the activities of the meeting. Except Ubeda, they visited the Palace of Alhambra and the city of Granada, Cazorla and the National Park "Las Villas" and the capital of Spain, Madrid.




Larissa-Úbeda: The long trip

Waiting in the Thessaloniki International airport.

Istabul, Ataturk Airport. Feeling the excitement of the trip!

The Greek comic cover as the base of the Greek participation in the wallpainting workshop in Spain

The Greek students have designed a comic cover for the Comenix Story. You can see it below:

We liked our comic cover so much that in fact we decided to use it as the base of the Greek participation in the wallpainting workshop in Spain.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

5th visit to Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Our school took part in a meeting in Bulgaria, in the city of Plovdiv from 22 to 27 of March 2015. The Greek team consisted of 6 students and 2 teachers.

The subject of the meeting in Bulgaria was "Unity in Diversity: similarities and differences in celebrating the biggest spring holiday". All the partners presented their native traditions, rites and customs concerning a major spring holiday.
Also, we visited the old city of Plovdiv, the capital city Sofia, the city of Kazanlak and the Museum of the Rose.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Unity on Diversity

School preparation for the workshop about doing surveys on native traditions, rites and customs concerning the major spring religious holiday in Greece: Easter.
We meet to decide on the type of presentation and rituals we are going to present to partner teams to Bulgaria.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Greek Comenius Corners

From the beginning of the project we created the Greek Comenius Corners in 2 parts of our school. The first one is in the teachers' office that always receive many visitors.

The second one is in the "Comenius Classroom". We used to have this place to gather there to discuss, organize and compose the various comenius workshops. Just after the beginning of the project our principle Mr. Ioannis Tzikas arranged to have a place with wifi internet connection where we could group to work and exhibit our products. Some times we used to bring the students to have lessons in that classroom when the subject was relevant to the products of our Comenius workshops.