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Prefecture of Larissa

The Prefecture of Larissa hides many natural beauties. But only  few people know them, because the Prefecture's economy is not based on tourism. However, the prefecture has wonderful beaches all bordering the Aegean Sea, the beautiful mountains Olympus, Kissavos (Ossa), Maurovouni and plenty of archaeological and Byzantine monuments.

Prefecture tour


All the beaches of Larissa Prefecture are  from half to an hour far, from the city of Larissa. They are located on the Aegean Sea. The combination of fine sand and pebbles with a really blue clean sea, is very picturesque.
Running from north to south, we come across the following beaches: 
Kastri Loutro, Messagala, Alexandrini Strintzos, Stomio, Panagia, Psarolakkas, Pigadi, Kalivi, Platia Ammos, Tsiligiorgos, Kokkino Nero, Koutsoupia, Paliouria, Vrahakia Velikas, Velika, Sotiritsa, Agiokampos, Skiathas, Polidendri, Papakosta beach, Rakopotamos, Milos Glimeni, Metallia, Asprovrahos.

The beaches of Castri Loutro, Messagala and Couloura are characterized by aesthetic and ecological value, with the crystal clear waters and the therapeutic sand which is suitable for sand baths.
Sport activities such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing, water sports (water ski, windsurfing), beach volley, beach football, as well as fun activities (small festivals, music festivals, cafes, beach bars, bars and restaurants) fill summer days and nights.

Kasrti Loutro



It is a sandy beach, 2 km long, which is located beside the mouth of Peneus.

Stomio, because of its rich, golden sand and shallow beach 2 km long, is ideal for family holidays. Guests can find everything they need, as there are many rooms and hotel facilities, coffee bars, restaurants etc. The beach of Stomio is suitable for water sports, especially wind surfing. The trademark of Stomio is the lighthouse on the beach near the port.

It is a stony and lonely beach with benches, tables and permanent shade from the plane trees. 

It is an ideal beach for those who love nature. It is only accessible via a footpath (about ten minutes) with many plane trees. Next to the road, even in summer, the water descending from the slopes of Ossa, reaches the beach of Psarolakkas. The blue color of the water is amazing. The beauty of the beach will reward the walking traveler.

The beach of Pigadi is only 80 meters long, but it is covered with fine pebbles and the water is extremely clean and transparent. The sea is usually calm after being influenced only by the easterly winds. The natural environment is wonderful, as the shady plane trees, the aria trees, and olive trees arrive a few meters from the beach.

The small beach Kalivi has large stones and is ideal for snorkeling. Also, is used by fishermen.

Platia Ammos
Platia Ammos has a length which exceeding the 700 m. The main characteristic are the black and white pebbles on the wide sandy beach. The rocks that demarcate right and left the beach, make the landscape exotic.
Huge plane trees shade the beach offering a natural umbrella. The beach is organized, since there are café-bar, parking, a kiosk and a tavern. Every summer there are many swimmers on this beach.


It is a small and beautiful beach with sand, easy access and plenty of plane trees.

Kokkino Nero (Red Water) 
The village's name is due to the hot spring with red water that flows in the region. The carbonaceous water has the color of the metal salts and is considered to have healing properties. Kokkino Nero is one of the oldest settlements in the region, according to the findings from excavations of archaeological service
The Kokkino Nero beach is consisted of two coasts. On the north side there is a pebble beach about 0,5 km long. On the opposite side there is a sandy beach 1 km in length. Τhere is also a complex of rocks with caves, which creates a unique landscape. Just above the Kokkino Nero is the famous gorge of Calypso with three waterfalls and a forest of towering beeches, which hosts many activities of alternative tourism.

The Koutsoupia beach is picturesque, with fine sand and pebbles. Every summer, thousands of swimmers visit the beach. In Koutsoupia are organized water sports and beach parties. There are beach bar, taverns and plenty of rented beachfront rooms.

Other beaches:
Βραχάκια Βελίκας
Ακτή Παπακώστα
Μύλος Γλυμένη

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