Friday, September 18, 2015

Greek Traditions and festivals

During the Comenius week in Larissa the teachers and the students enjoyed the Greek hospitality.
The first day at school the Greek teachers helped the students learn how to dance Greek traditional dances.
At the Water Company the greek students danced traditional dances with the participation of all the students and teachers. They also tasted Greek traditional food which was made by the good will of the Greek families. They also experienced Greek music and dance at a Greek tavern.
Next day they visited st. Nicolas church and the monasteries at Meteora and they got in touch with our religions tradition and whorship.
A team of Greek students presented an ancient greek comedy (by Aristofnis) in one of the two ancient theatres of our city. So everybody experienced a performance they had never seen before.
The whole week gave them the chance to see things totally different for their culture but also interesting that will help them have a memorable time during their visit here.

Photo album

Greek Ancient Comedy Performance

METEORA: An UNESCO Intenational Cultural Monument


 Greek Traditional Music and Dances

 Greek Traditional Food


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