Friday, September 26, 2014

Modern teens and their interests

Teenagers are each country's future. So, the future of each state will be influenced by the personality of the next generation, which is developed based on their interests.
The interests of the teenagers can be seen, looking at the way they spend their free time. The Greek students took part in an investigation on that issue where numerous students from all particpant schools were participating . The investigation took place via 'pupils' area' in Twin Space:

1st question is about "How they spend their free time" 

The answers of the Greek students:

The meeting for the preparation of that workshop especially,  took place in a diferent space as the aim of the activity was to go out, away from the TV and social media influence and to understand that spending time working and enjoying ourselves with good friends can provide more joy and fulfillment than watching TV or chatting via social media. That can been proved by the next photos:


Finally, we decided to make some presentations to analyze this issue.




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