Thursday, May 29, 2014

Evaluation: Bucharest - students

This is the evaluation after the meeting in Bucharest:

Evaluation questionnaire – Students
Thirty six students who have been in Bucharest filled the questionnaire. Most of the students (69,44 %) have had enough opportunity of speaking English with other people, 25% have had the opportunity but according to them not too much, two of the students were too ashamed to speak with other people.
Students have found out a lot of information. They have learnt about the culture (66,67%), they have tasted the traditional dishes (61,11%). More than  half of the students have learnt new words in Romanian language (55,56%). Some of them (41,67%) have found out the history of other countries One third of the students have found out about the monuments of other countries, have learnt about educational system and the traditions of other countries. About 20% have learnt about famous people (22,22%) and found out something more (16,67%) during the meeting.
The most important thing for the students during mobility was to make friends with other teenagers (91,67%), for some of them the most important thing was to get to know new culture (36,11%) and for 11,11% it was important to taste new dishes.
Most of the students (83,33%) found the stay in Romania as a very satisfying experience, only 11,11% of the students think it was stressful at the beginning but they were content to be there. Two students did not like the stay in Romania but they were glad they could come.
Most of the students are going to keep in touch with their new friends (72,22%), 22,22% are not sure about it. Only one student is not interested in keeping in touch with new friends.
The students like sightseeing Bucharest most (58,33%) and one in the third like sport activities, team – work and others for example meeting boys.
Most of the students (94,44 % ) think they have improved their English. Only two students don’t think so.

Seven students have add comments. They would like to repeat the visit and see their friends from other country again. Three students had a great time in Romania and they want to visit Romania again. One of the students is thankful to teachers for the visit and new friends for friendship. 

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