Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What do European Teenagers know about the E.U. - Questionnaire

The questionnaire below is proposed by the Polish partners. The content, the results, the statistics and the conclusions of the questionnaire appear below:

What do we know about UE? – questionnaire
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·         Sex -

1.      When was the European Union created?
2.      From which organisation does the European Union originate?
3.      Who is considered to be ''the father'' of the European Union?
4.      Which countries founded the European Union?
5.      How many member states does the European Union have at present?
6.      Name five countries of the  European Union
7.      What does the flag of the European Union look like?
8.      What is the significance of the stars on the European Union flag?
9.      How many stars are there on the European Union flag?
10.  What is the anthem of the European Union?
11.  In which city/cities is the seat of the European Parliament located?
12.  How many members does he European Parliament have?
13.  When do we celebrate the Day of Europe?
14.   The European Union received an important prize in 2012. What was it?
15.  In which important areas does the European Union give its support? (name at least three)


Twelve (12) Greek students (8 girls and 4 boys, aged between 13 and 15 years) answered the questionnaire. Their answers are summarized below:


The results show that our students don't know enough things about E.U. So, we decided to make an exercise about E.U. to help them to know E.U. better. 

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